I believe one of your open access articles infringes copyright and/or licenses. What should I do?

It is in our mission to make sure that articles in our database respect copyrights.To that effect, we only harvest articles from reputable institutional sources and regularly remove sites from our indexing process when they are found to be actively promoting or passively allowing the diffusion of infringing material.

That said, it is increasingly becoming difficult to determine whether an article is legitimately offered for free download or not. Many universities and public research centers negotiate the right to archive the version of record of articles authored by their researchers as part of complex journal subscription renewal negotiations including so-called offsetting schemes. Some of these articles are legitimately offered on their sites but there are cases where other organizations who have not negotiated such a license would be infringing copyrights if they were to make the same version of the article available on a public archive. Ultimately, we consider that we have a duty to be alert and to avoid harvesting material found to be infringing copyright but we cannot substitute ourselves to publishers in policing these rights.

If you find articles on 1findr which are clearly infringing copyrights, please let us know by emailing us at:


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